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Take back your mailbox. Why should you pay the cost for downloading a bunch of crap some trailer park trash loser dumps in your mailbox? Learn how you can deal with the problem.

Okay, so you want to learn HTML. Or perhaps ASP. Or maybe you are just curious. Check out these resources. I refer to them often.

Delta Blues Museum
This is one place you want to drop in. It is definitely worth a visit to see about the place where a lot of blues-men & blues-women were born. It is also worth a trip to drive down to Clarksdale, MS to see. The museum does a lot of hard work towards helping preserve the blues and they could always use some help.

Techno Nerds
Links to some Technically Nerdy stuff. Sites here that we frequent in our day-to-day struggle to keep up with this stuff.

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Delta Blues Museum
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